How many languages do you speak? Is it your native language and now you are fluent in English, too?! Then there is a very rewarding career path for you! The career path of  interpreter and translator! To get enrolled into Translation/Interpretation Program in any college or university you will have to pass the language proficiency tests, […]
Check out Amy Walker's famous video, which features imitation of the following accents: Standard British, Cockney, British RP, Irish, Northern Irish, Scottish, Italian, German, Czech, Russian, French, Australian, New Zealand, Heavy Ocker Australian, Texan, Californian, Northwest, Toronto, Brooklyn, Deep Southern, and Trans-Atlantic. Map of American English Accents: General American New York City English  New England English: Eastern […]
Languages have different accents. Differences in accents are only pronunciation differences. Pronunciation affects how native speakers comprehend the speech being at the forefront of well-spoken English. A fun and effective way to build your new muscle memory is to learn the right pronunciation of the tongue-twisters: Listen carefully to the video; Pay attention to how each […]
July 2 @ 6:00 pm - 10:00 pm - Free! Central Park, SummerStage  New York, NY Freedom Party® NYC is the longest running Friday-night party in NYC history. Freedom was created in 2003 by Herbert Holler, DJ Cosi and Marc Smooth. Today, it is a bona fide nightlife institution, with monthly events in Chicago and Washington, D.C., as well. Freedom continues to […]
Each season the Maimouna Keita School of African Dance presents its Annual International Dance Conference & Concert in New York City. The Master Class will be a West African dance class taught by members of Maimouna Keita Dance Company. They will present dances that are a celebration of an arranged marriage between two people with different […]
Congratulations to our Spring 2014 IEP Graduates! Now that you have successfully finished the program, it's time to celebrate. Our Spring 2014 Graduation Ceremony will be held at NYLLC's Manhattan campus on Friday, May 30th, 2014! See the complete details of the event in the official poster below.
Classes are suspended on 11/28 & 11/29 for the Thanksgiving holidays

Observance of Labor Day

  • 9 years ago
Classes suspended on September 1 and 2 in observance of Labor Day.