Student Testimonials

Talking, listening, and lives in another language could be hard sometimes, exciting at times and really fun the most of the times. When I came to IEP program, my English level was very basic, and it still is! But this is only my first week at the program and every day I feel more comfortable and I can understand the teachers pretty well. My two teachers are both cool and funny. I enjoy the classes!
- Jose Munoz (Spain)
I've attended the English course at ASA for 12 weeks and it is one of my best experiences. I love this school because I like my teachers, Adam and Joseph, who know how to make international students improve their English.
- Sandra P. Kaya (Congo)
Thanks for opening your doors, giving me the opportunities to try to build a better future!
- Carlos A. Barreras G. (Cuba)
It's a pretty cool program! I love it!!
- Ezra Kim (Korea)
IEP program helped me to meet a lot of international friends and I improved my English!
- Subankul Ikuramov (Kyrgyzstan)
Hello. Let me tell you how I feel about IEP. Honestly, I spent a wonderful time in IEP. First of all, I've improved my English skills very much by now. Second, I've met a lot of good people and learned different cultures from them. I'm really grateful for my two good teachers, Joseph and Adam.
- Keita Ibrahima (Senegal)