Learn English in New York

What is the interview about: 3 students share with us their experience at New York Language Learning Center. A little bit about the students: Azra has come to the United States from Montenegro. She has been studying English for 4 months. And is truly a wordsmith! Adem is learning how to present his ideas and communicate well. Diego […]
Throughout the world, language resides as a barrier between cultures. The spread of technology and global business ventures turned language into a barrier that needed overcoming. As a result, there are a few languages that have taken a leading role as a common tongue throughout the world and English is one of them. To communicate […]
There is no better spot in a country to learn about culture and language, than a major city. When it comes to finding the people, location and resources to learn English, New York City is the place. It meshes so many different cultures together, living harmoniously in one area. However, the people of those different […]