Learn English

How many verb tenses are there in your language? 6, 23, 4 or 16? It’s a sure thing, that there are major grammatical differences between your language and the one you’re trying to learn. You might be surprised that some languages don’t have verb tenses. Mandarin Chinese is one of them. Instead, they have aspects, mood […]
As you already know, there are over 15,000 idioms in the English language and you’d better learn at least some of them. But as you encounter an idiom after idiom, you have to be at least slightly curious how they were originated and became widely used. Some of them were coined by the great writers, […]
You can listen to the latest Drake’s song later on, so why not spend this time more productively? Enter ESL podcasts.
Watching movies and videos in English is a great way to improve your ability to understand spoken English and pick up the pronunciation. Since it might be difficult for you to understand most movies and TV series, you can start with watching videos made specifically for the ESL students. You can find them everywhere: on YouTube, on Facebook, and on the websites designated to learning English. To save you some much needed time, we did a search for you. (You are welcome!) Watch these videos and learn.
Committing to learning English is a serious decision. To succeed in this endeavor, you need to be ready to invest a lot of time and effort, but eventually all your hard work will pay off. In case you haven’t made up your mind yet, here’re 5 reasons that might persuade you to go for it. […]
When you read books and newspapers, you will inevitably encounter unfamiliar words. But before looking them up in the dictionary, try to guess their meanings. You will be surprised how much you actually know. English is largely derived from ancient languages, and a lot of the English words have roots of Greek and Latin origin […]
If you plan to learn English, New York City is definitely the right place to be. Not only is it one of the most exciting and vibrant cities in the world, but it also has such an amazing cultural and national diversity that regardless of where you are from and what language you speak, you […]
Everyone has a favorite social network. It’s either a ubiquitous Facebook, or straight-to-a-point Twitter, or down-to-business LinkedIn. Here’s another service that you might want to check out, LiveMocha. It’s an online language learning community offering free and paid lessons. The website is very popular and has over 9 million members from all over the world. […]
At the very beginning, you can get away with some basic vocabulary. If you know enough to ask questions, express your thoughts and maintain a conversation, it means that you are going to be just fine when it comes to your daily routine. You can ask for directions when lost, order food at the restaurant, […]
Do you dislike reading because a lot of words are unfamiliar to you? Do you often find yourself at loss for words not due to emotional duress but simply because you don’t know how to say what you want? Don’t worry - many people, and even native speakers, are no strangers to this phenomenon. Fortunately, […]