English Idioms

As you already know, there are over 15,000 idioms in the English language and you’d better learn at least some of them. But as you encounter an idiom after idiom, you have to be at least slightly curious how they were originated and became widely used. Some of them were coined by the great writers, […]
Phrasal verbs are very similar to English idioms in the sense that different prepositions radically change the entire meaning of a verb. Look at this sentence, for instance: “You might still get on with your supervisor, even though he has an annoying habit of getting on at you every once in a while.”Confusing, indeed. But […]
English idioms are one of the most difficult topics for any ESL student to master since they are not translated literally and cannot be understood from the individual meanings of their elements. If your new smart phone cost you an arm and a leg, it does not mean that you actually had to amputate your […]