English Grammer

Once you learn enough vocabulary and polish your grammar, you won’t have as much fear as at the very beginning and will be eager to use your English in conversation.  However, even though Americans are known to be very open-minded and straightforward, certain conversational topics are better to be avoided. It is never a good […]
It’s hard to find a website as time-consuming and addictive as Facebook. The seemingly never-ending saga with the privacy issues aside, it’s a really great resource for staying in touch with your friends and family, spying on your exes, networking and meeting new people. Or, if you happen to bored, you can easily kill an hour or two playing Mafia Wars or FarmVille. However, while games are a lot of fun, you might be better off engaging into activities of a more educational nature, since now your goal is improving your English language skills. So here’s what you should definitely try on Facebook: