Frequently Asked Questions

When I arrive in New York, what should I do?

Contact your International Student Advisor immediately, so that we can arrange for you to come in and complete the registration process.

How much does it cost to obtain a student visa in my country?

In order to receive the necessary Form I-20, you must pay a $225.00 international student application fee to NYLLC and a SEVIS fee of $200.00.

If I don't receive a visa, are the application and SEVIS fee refundable?

No, unfortunately the fees are not refundable.

If I don't receive a visa the first time, can I try again at a later date?

Yes! Just contact the International Student Services Office. A representative will discuss the situation with you and together you will determine when you would like to start classes. We will then send you a new Form I-20 which reflects the new future date.

If I reapply for a visa, must I pay the fees again?

The $225.00 payment to NYLLC is a one-time transaction and does not need to be paid again if you reapply. The SEVIS fee must be paid again only if you do not receive a visa within one year. At that time, you would be required to repeat the application process and pay the SEVIS fee a second time.

How long can I stay in the United States with my student visa?

Your student visa is valid as long as you continue to maintain your student status: This means attending classes regularly and fulfilling all financial obligations. You do not need to renew your visa if it expires while you are in the US. However, if you leave the US after your visa has expired, you must obtain a new visa from the American Embassy in your country before returning to the US.

What documents do I need to renew my visa in my country?

You will need your valid I-20 (signed on pages 1 and 3 by your international student advisor) and passport.