How to Apply for an F-1 Student Visa

In order to study at New York Language Learning Center, you must first apply for and receive a student visa (Classification F1) in your country. The Office of International Student Services will assist you in this process.

Apply for F1 Visa / Student Visa USA Process


You need to acquire the International Student Services information packet. This is available online, via e-mail, or by regular mail. All the paperwork you need is included in this packet. Please contact the International Student Services Office if you have any questions as you are completing the application process.

Fill out the international student application:

  1. Make sure you include your home country address and (if available) the address where you will be residing during your studies at New York Language Learning Center. Include your country of birth, country of citizenship, gender and date of birth.
  2. Indicate your program of study.
  3. Indicate the purpose of your I-20 certificate (your current status with the Department of Homeland Security of the United States)

    • Initial attendance
    • Change of status applicant
    • Transfer student
    • Reinstatement
    If you are currently overseas, you would choose "Initial attendance." If you are currently in the United States, please indicate which visa you currently possess.
  4. Please indicate your highest level of education completed.
  5. Please provide any emergency contact information and sign your application.


Please refer to the International Student Enrollment Checklist (page one of your packet). Choose the column which best describes your current situation. For example, if you are overseas, refer to the "Initial" column.


  • Please provide a legible copy of page one of your passport and your passport photo page.
  • Please provide Evidence that you or your sponsor have sufficient funds for all educational and living expenses. This is a bank statement of at least $18,000 USD. If the bank statement is in your own name, you can skip #3.
  • If the bank statement is from your sponsor he/she must:

    • Complete and sign the Affidavit of Support (included in your packet) if he/she is an American Citizen or Permanent Resident. Or:
    • Complete and sign the New York Language Learning Center Sponsor's Personal Affirmation of Financial Responsibility (also in your packet) if they reside overseas.
  • Pay the $100 application fee for the Intensive English Program (IEP). This payment may be in the form of a check from a US bank, money order, or by credit card.
  • SEVIS FEE (Form I-901). Please refer to the "SEVIS I-901 Fee Payment Instructions" in your information packet. Follow the instructions applicable to your situation.
  • Please provide a copy of your high school diploma and transcript in English.
  • Please provide a copy of your immunization certificate from your home country (Not required for the Intensive English Program (IEP)). If you cannot obtain this information, you may complete the immunization process free of charge in the United States. Your New York Language Learning Center admissions representative will explain this process when you arrive in New York.


Please mail all of the above materials to the New York Language Learning Center Campus you will be attending. You can also have a friend or relative in the US bring these materials to New York Language Learning Center in person.

Congratulations! You have completed Step Three.

What Happens Now?

As soon as we receive your documents, we will process your application. If your application is complete, we will issue you an Acceptance Letter and Form I-20. These can be mailed to you directly or a relative/friend can pick them up at New York Language Learning Center and send them to you.

Once you have received your documents, be sure to:

  • Sign and date your I-20
  • Pay the SEVIS (I-901) Fee of $200.00 USD

When you have completed all of the above, you may make an appointment with your local United States Embassy or Consulate, where you will complete the application process and receive your F-1 Student Visa.