Traveling abroad presents an ideal opportunity to master a foreign language. While the immersion process facilitates communication in a diverse world, people are often surprised to find they have difficulty returning to their native language. This phenomenon is referred to as first-language attrition and has University of Oregon psychologist Benjamin Levy wondering how it is […]
Throughout the world, language resides as a barrier between cultures. The spread of technology and global business ventures turned language into a barrier that needed overcoming. As a result, there are a few languages that have taken a leading role as a common tongue throughout the world and English is one of them. To communicate […]
There is no better spot in a country to learn about culture and language, than a major city. When it comes to finding the people, location and resources to learn English, New York City is the place. It meshes so many different cultures together, living harmoniously in one area. However, the people of those different […]
Is English your second language? Are you strong enough with it to make the language an asset in your life? Too many people, with English as a second language, allow their lack of knowledge to become a hindrance to their life. Everyone in a similar situation knows what they need to do, learn the native […]
Despite the quick rise in popularity of Spanish, the dominant language in the United States of America is still English. It does not matter where you work, eventually English is necessary in your job. It is more than just wise, it is necessary to learn English to make yourself more useful to employers and to […]