It’s hard to find a website as time-consuming and addictive as Facebook. The seemingly never-ending saga with the privacy issues aside, it’s a really great resource for staying in touch with your friends and family, spying on your exes, networking and meeting new people. Or, if you happen to bored, you can easily kill an hour or two playing Mafia Wars or FarmVille. However, while games are a lot of fun, you might be better off engaging into activities of a more educational nature, since now your goal is improving your English language skills. So here’s what you should definitely try on Facebook:
Do you dislike reading because a lot of words are unfamiliar to you? Do you often find yourself at loss for words not due to emotional duress but simply because you don’t know how to say what you want? Don’t worry - many people, and even native speakers, are no strangers to this phenomenon. Fortunately, […]

Online Resources for Beginners

  • 9 years ago
Previously we mentioned the importance of self-study and use of additional resources in learning the language. To start you off, we compiled a list of websites with free English exercises aimed at beginners. Beginner’s English Vocabulary Word Lists Here you will find lists of words describing body parts, colors, days of the week, months and […]
As with any other studies, the keys to successful learning of English are hard work, dedication and consistency, which means you absolutely must attend your classes, actively participate in discussions and do your homework.  But even when you don’t have classes, you still can – and should – continue learning the language. Here’s what you […]
Learning a new language is never easy. Knowing what you can expect in the process will help you avoid desperation and stay focused and persistent. Difficulties in learning will greatly depend on the degree of difference between your native language and English. Students whose native language is French or German generally face fewer obstacles than […]
We all know that learning English is important for living in the United States of America. However, finding ESL classes means so much more to those that need them. The differences from one country to the next can be vast. Each country has very specific laws, routines and customs. ESL classes fulfill a very important […]
Since the 1960s, the bilingual education debate has had its place in the media. Discussions of the good and bad of bilingual education are believed to have originated from two acts, the Civil Rights Act (1964) and the Bilingual Education Act (1968) that played such a dominant role in shaping laws for bilingual education. Lately, […]
Today we are all part of a "Global Village". The Internet continues to have exponential growth, as even more people are becoming aware of this "Global Village" on a personal level. People correspond with others from around the globe on a regular basis, products are bought and sold with increasing ease from all over the […]
The State Department has rules for giving permission to foreign students studying in the United States. The rules can be found on the State Department's travel Web site: Under Services, go to Visas for Foreign Citizens to Come to the United States, Non-immigrant Visas, Student and Exchange Visitor Visas and Applying for a Foreign […]
Two major factors fuel the increasing demand for bilingual professionals in the U.S. First, Hispanics now represent over twelve percent of the U.S. population; their spending power has more than doubled in less than 20 years. Since customers often prefer to do business with someone who speaks their language, companies need bilingual employees to communicate […]