New Yorkers are known for their loyalty to healthy lifestyle, hence the number of gyms and organic food stores in the city. Their intellectual curiosity and insatiable desire to expand their horizons are also evident by the number of yoga studios, activity workshops and classes where they can work on their minds, bodies and souls.
If you plan to learn English, New York City is definitely the right place to be. Not only is it one of the most exciting and vibrant cities in the world, but it also has such an amazing cultural and national diversity that regardless of where you are from and what language you speak, you […]
As good as your textbooks are, chances are they devote very little attention to the use of informal words and expressions that are not considered standard in the English language. Yet, slang is everywhere and you need to be familiar with at least some of it to be able to fully understand and speak English. […]
Phrasal verbs are very similar to English idioms in the sense that different prepositions radically change the entire meaning of a verb. Look at this sentence, for instance: “You might still get on with your supervisor, even though he has an annoying habit of getting on at you every once in a while.”Confusing, indeed. But […]
Once you learn enough vocabulary and polish your grammar, you won’t have as much fear as at the very beginning and will be eager to use your English in conversation.  However, even though Americans are known to be very open-minded and straightforward, certain conversational topics are better to be avoided. It is never a good […]
New York is a great place to be an ESL student. You are fully immersed into American culture, exposed to the English language and get to see with your own eyes everything that makes New York one of the most exciting cities in the world. But as welcoming and densely populated as the city is, […]
English idioms are one of the most difficult topics for any ESL student to master since they are not translated literally and cannot be understood from the individual meanings of their elements. If your new smart phone cost you an arm and a leg, it does not mean that you actually had to amputate your […]
Everyone has a favorite social network. It’s either a ubiquitous Facebook, or straight-to-a-point Twitter, or down-to-business LinkedIn. Here’s another service that you might want to check out, LiveMocha. It’s an online language learning community offering free and paid lessons. The website is very popular and has over 9 million members from all over the world. […]
To develop and practice your English skills, you need to talk as much as you can, preferably with native speakers of English, so you could get a feel of the English speech flow. For those of you who have American roommates, friends or coworkers, it should be pretty easy. However, for most of you finding […]
At the very beginning, you can get away with some basic vocabulary. If you know enough to ask questions, express your thoughts and maintain a conversation, it means that you are going to be just fine when it comes to your daily routine. You can ask for directions when lost, order food at the restaurant, […]