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  • 11 years ago

Previously we mentioned the importance of self-study and use of additional resources in learning the language. To start you off, we compiled a list of websites with free English exercises aimed at beginners.

Beginner’s English Vocabulary Word Lists

Here you will find lists of words describing body parts, colors, days of the week, months and numbers from 1 to 20. What’s remarkable about this resource is the number of different learning and testing modes. You can test yourself in spelling and typing games, working with dictionary flash cards or flash puzzles.

Elementary English Exercises

A great collection of exercises for the beginner level where you can learn basic nouns, verbs and adjectives.

English Vocabulary Games With Pictures

In a fun and easy way you can learn the vocabulary for animals, food and drinks, fruit and vegetables, sports, household, and shapes of objects.

Vocabulary Quizzes

This website has one of the best collections of vocabulary exercises and over a hundred vocabulary lists covering topics from clothes to parts of a car.

Confusing Verbs

Here you can learn the difference between commonly confused English verbs.

Common English Mistakes

If you are in doubt whether you should choose “there” or “their” – after all, they do sound almost identical! – you’ll definitely find this material to be useful. Go over all sections and don’t forget to take the free online tests!

More Confusing Words

Another resource with explanations and exercises targeted at learning the difference between commonly confused English words.

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