Focus Your Attention Outwards

  • 6 years ago

"The Power of Vulnerability" (2013)

What is the best thing we can offer to people? The answer is usually love and support.

But, sometimes it’s hard not to get overwhelmed by the negative emotions that unhappy people have.

Would  sympathy be enough? And how to develop empathy?!

We've provided some insights on how to become more characterized by empathy.

Even though other person’s thoughts and feelings usually seem to be a grey area - the neuroscientists recommend to play games! 🙂

According to them, “mental models” created during game play help people "to make sense of the world".

Practising “active imagination” proves to be useful, too.

Active imagination is a cognitive methodology that uses the imagination as an organ of understanding.

Try to imagine what other people are going through.

Cognitive neuroscience has shown a strong correlation between mindfulness and empathy.

Instead of judging and jumping to conclusions, it’s wise to analyze the opposing view points first.

Start on the other side and work your way back.


There is a tool for getting to know what your partner may be going through!

It's called the “empathy reflux” which comprises describing their emotions and connecting it to the reasons why he/she is experiencing it.

A renowned psychologist Dr. Paul Ekman created the F.A.C.E. program.

It's an online training tool that helps us to learn the facial expressions and improve emotional awareness.

The so-called "empathy gap" forms when we don’t have to rely on or cooperate with people.

The gap can be filled with intentional connecting with others, even if don't need their help or company.

There are many organizations that try to empower empathy 

"One World - Empathy in Action" is among them.

Lili Lapenna from MyBnk is designing programs that teach children financial literacy, while employing empathy.

She aims at changing the way young adults relate to finance, money and enterprise.

I hope that all of us will practice empathy, and it will improve our life and the lives of those around us!



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