Despite the quick rise in popularity of Spanish, the dominant language in the United States of America is still English. It does not matter where you work, eventually English is necessary in your job. It is more than just wise, it is necessary to learn English to make yourself more useful to employers and to remove the salary cap you have placed on yourself. Trying to get by without perfecting the language, or at least having a firm grasp on English, is a sure method to never advancing at work.

Look at all the communications that are involved in one day at work. It does not matter if you are a laborer, salesman or manager. If you preform labor as your work, then you most likely have to talk to your fellow workmates and your supervisor, maybe two. Maybe all of them speak your language, that is not English, and so you get along just fine at work. Of course, the parts and the maintenance of anything you do is in English, which means someone always has to explain what is going on, what new thing needs to be done, or what directions are being given by the manager or foreman. Simply because you cannot speak English fluently, someone else has to be designated to explaining everything to you. Being a hard worker will not keep your job safe.

As a non-English speaking member of the team, you are a liability.

For anyone moving up the ladder in their workplace, or trying to move up the ladder, not having a firm foundation in English really hinders your potential. A position like manager requires communication to those employees you direct, the ones that are your equal that must be coordinated with, and the superiors that expect flawless execution of orders, as well as, clear and concise reports. Guess what language those reports had better be communicated through?.

Besides needing English to properly communicate with the several different levels of business once in an organization, it is also needed to promote ones self. Networking is a difficult task when your English is shaky and unreliable. Accomplishing it well means making new associates that are happy to converse with you about things work related and outside. Struggling to communicate through a language barrier is not fun for anyone, making it much harder to make contacts. No one wants the task of deciphering whatever it is you say on a constant basis.

Do yourself a favor and sign up for improving your English. Just getting through the interview process for a job requires some handle on it. Make it easier on yourself and learn the language that controls this country. It only makes sense.

Take control of your career and your future; improve your English today.

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