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Focus Your Attention Outwards

  • 6 years ago
"The Power of Vulnerability" (2013) What is the best thing we can offer to people? The answer is usually love and support. But, sometimes it’s hard not to get overwhelmed by the negative emotions that unhappy people have. Would  sympathy be enough? And how to develop empathy?! We've provided some insights on how to become […]
What is the interview about: 3 students share with us their experience at New York Language Learning Center. A little bit about the students: Azra has come to the United States from Montenegro. She has been studying English for 4 months. And is truly a wordsmith! Adem is learning how to present his ideas and communicate well. Diego […]
Albert grunted. "Do you know what happens to lads who ask too many questions?" Mort thought for a moment. "No," he said eventually, "what?" There was silence. Then Albert straightened up and said, "Damned if I know. Probably they get answers, and serve 'em right.” ― Terry Pratchett, Mort What is the value of asking […]
How many verb tenses are there in your language? 6, 23, 4 or 16? It’s a sure thing, that there are major grammatical differences between your language and the one you’re trying to learn. You might be surprised that some languages don’t have verb tenses. Mandarin Chinese is one of them. Instead, they have aspects, mood […]
Not so long ago, I had a chance to talk to a couple of international friends. They told me how lonely, isolated it feels at times. That's true, easy-going and welcoming people are hard to find. How would you even approach them to simply say “Hi”? The brief survey conducted by me shows the following […]