Our Teachers

Caroline Halstead, ESL Instructor Hi, my name is Caroline Halstead, and I have been teaching ESL for over ten years. I received my English Language Teaching Certificate from The New School University in New York and then began working with middle school and high school students in New Jersey. Since then I have been teaching adults in New York City. I love working with students from many different countries. My husband and I have travelled all over Europe, Asia and Africa – I love to learn about different cultures and languages. I am studying Spanish and love to practice whenever I can. One of my favorite activities is to explore New York City with my students. Join me for a trip to Brooklyn, Staten Island or anywhere in between!

Christian Perticone, ESL Instructor Christian Perticone is the Academic Coordinator for the Intensive English Program. He has been with ASA College for five years, and he loves it here because it is the most cosmopolitan school at which he has ever taught. He began his teaching career in Madrid, Spain, where he received his TEFL training with the Canterbury English Academy. Once he returned to the States, he moved to Arizona and became an Instructor at Mesa Community College and Arizona State University. He received his Masters of Fine Arts from ASU. During his time there he also studied at Charles University in Prague, and taught at the National University of Singapore. In addition to his teaching experience, Christian worked with an educational consultancy, Sarphatie Education Inc., for ten years as a private tutor, editor, and college essay coach. He has helped undergraduate, graduate, and professional school applicants gain entrance to nearly every prestigious college and university in the United States. These days, he does his best to make sure his IEP students are equipped with the necessary English proficiency to engage, academically and socially, with the best and brightest. He believes the classroom must be an authentic community and loves class trips. Lastly, he is a language learner, as part of a bilingual family who speak Spanish and English at home.

Eric Jonas, ESL Instructor Eric Jonas has been a Literature and ELS teacher for over twenty years. He began his career teaching ESL in Seoul, Korea. He returned to NYC in 1995 to co-found a charter school in the South Bronx that integrated theater and academics. Since then, he has had a varied and impressive teaching resume. He has taught high school and middle school literature and German in Long Island, ESL at the Chongqing Institute of Technology, and he presently teaches ESL and TOEFL at ASA College and St. John's University. He has mastered the TOEFL test, and his students average 85 on the exam. He has intermediate German, Korean, and basic Mandarin and Spanish. He would also have you know that he has been a bibliophile his whole life and loves to share his passion for literature with his students. He earned his BA in English from SUNY Albany, and his Masters in Teaching English(MAT) from SUNY Stony Brook.

Adam Reich, ESL Instructor Adam Reich a Jersey boy residing in Brooklyn, NY.  He's been teaching ESL and Writing since completing an MA in English in 2005, and holds a BA in English and Philosophy from The University of Massachusetts Amherst.  Adam teaches intermediate and advanced classes in the IEP program where his goal is to maintain an engaging and enjoyable space for students to take risks and gain greater fluency in American English.  Adam loves to travel and to move deeper locally.  Adam enjoys beekeeping, exploring wild spaces, cycling the streets, long open water swims, and greeting unusual manifestations of the written word. 

Chuck Blair, ESL Instructor Chuck Blair says that teaching has been one of the most rewarding experiences in his life. Since graduating from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, with a B.A. in Journalism and Communication Studies, Chuck has been teaching and travelling. He has been to Cambodia, China, Costa Rica, Croatia, France, Germany, Holland, Italy, Japan, Korea, Laos, Mexico, The Philippines, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland, Thailand, and Vietnam. He has taught ESL in Dalian and Chengdu, China, and in Seoul, South Korea. Along the way, he picked up beginner Chinese, Korean, and Spanish. While honing his skills as a teacher over the years, his passion for teaching has also grown in ways he never expected. He says that, in the classroom, he looks forward to those moments when a student has a hard time understanding – an idea, grammar point, or simply how to say a word – and he can explain it, or make it clear. It is as if a light goes on for the student when they finally get it. This moment of understanding is one of the most satisfying experiences he knows, and it makes him eager to teach!

Joel Henderson, ESL Instructor Joel Henderson holds a Bachelor Degree in Philosophy and has been certified as a TESOL instructor by both ITTT and CELTA. He views teaching philosophically, saying “I love teaching because I love interacting with people from all over the world. I love comparing and contrasting ideas and experiences from all walks of life and learning about other cultures.” In Joel’s classes he makes sure that everybody has time to speak and use what they are studying. Even in grammar classes, he tries to touch on improving every aspect of his students’ language abilities. He has traveled Asia widely, from Japan, China, and South Korea, to Thailand, the Philippines and Cambodia. He was an ESL instructor in both China and South Korea, so he speaks Intermediate Korean and Basic Chinese.

Lucy Sedhom, ESL Instructor My name is Ekhlas(Lucy) Sedhom. I hold a BA in English from Alexandria University in Egypt. I also hold a MA in Education from Touro College, New York. I have taught ESL and IEP to students from all over the world. I speak English, Arabic and a bit of French. I've been to Oman, Germany, and France. I love teaching English and motivating my students to improve their language skills. My job allows me to meet amazing people from many different countries. I love teaching lower level students. It is very challenging for both of us. I feel great when my students achieve their goals and start speaking, reading and writing English well. I always encourage my students to use what they have learned in class in their daily life. I also encourage them to have more friends in New York in order to practice speaking English. I am patient, understanding and tolerant to my students. Teaching English is my passion.

Ernest Barteldes, ESL Instructor Ernest Barteldes holds a BA in English and Portuguese Language and Literature from Ceara State University in Brazil and is currently pursuing a Masters in Fine Arts in Creative Writing from City College of New York. He has been teaching English since a young age - his 18th birthday (way too long ago), and has taught in language centers and colleges in the US and Brazil. He is fluent in Portuguese and Spanish (plus survival skills in a handful of other languages - he won't starve in Paris!). He has traveled throughout South America, The Caribbean and Europe. He has various interests including literature, music, cooking and hiking. He plays a mean bass and a sweet ukulele.

Christopher Lobo, ESL Instructor My name is Christopher Lobo. I have a BA in Geology and a MA in TESOL. I’ve taught fencing, science, and English as a second language, on and off, for over 30 years. As an average American, I mostly speak English, but I have studied French, Mandarin, Tagalog, and Urdu. I have been to several countries such as Pakistan, Philippines and Canada. I love living and teaching in New York City because the whole world comes to me. Specifically, my favorite students are those in the lower or beginning levels. I like to challenge them to learn English in new and exciting ways. I also like to connect English to New York City and American culture. My goal is for students use what they learn in meaningful and practical ways, outside of their textbook and the classroom environment.

Henry Bentsen, ESL Instructor When Henry Bentsen shared his list of careers and accomplishments, it was apparent that they would not all fit in the space provided here. He is a polymath who teaches his students about Finance, Computer Programing, Criminal Justice, and Current Events while they master the English language. As a teacher and administrator at language schools in both New York and Spain, he developed curriculums and teaching practices that have helped thousands of students and teachers succeed in the classroom, and on Cambridge and ETS’s standardized tests. Along the way, Henry has learned several computer languages and Spanish, Catalan, Chinese, Norwegian, French, Italian (studied for many years). He has basic conversational skills in Japanese, Korean, and, on a good day, Russian. He has even hosted his own television show, Time Warner’s “The Global Look”, which was a local variety show with international acts. His academic background includes a degree from CUNY’s College of Staten Island in English and Secondary Education, an Independent Study with CUNY and Maimonidies Mental Health Center, and coursework at the American Institute of Banking (AIB) New York City. He loves to create newsletters with his students and take them on trips all over NYC.

Peter Schmitz, ESL Instructor Peter Schmitz is from Virginia but has lived in New York since 2006. He has been teaching in New York for at least that long, and he taught English in Korea for one year as well. He holds Bachelor degrees in Music, German Language and International Studies. He also earned an ESL Certificate from Old Dominion University in Virginia for a year of graduate-level Applied Linguistics study. Peter has had a lifelong interest in foreign languages and cultures, which is why he is currently studying Spanish, German, Korean and Mandarin Chinese. Studying languages also reminds him of what it is like to be a student, so he makes his classes fun with jokes, music, and interesting articles about contemporary issues. His students get plenty of speaking practice, and they may also pick up a few songs as they accompany Peter with his guitar.

Michelle Clark, ESL Instructor Michelle Clark completed her Master's degree with the NYU TESOL program in 2010 and continues to address the unique challenges of inter-cultural communication by helping her students build fortified communicative bridges to the accomplishment of their goals and the realization of their dreams. French fluency with a working knowledge of Italian, Spanish, and Haitian Creole as well as having had the experience of studying abroad all contribute to a particularly empathetic sensitivity to the specific needs of international students. She currently teaches in the ASA ESL program and provides administrative support to the New York Language Learning Center.