New York Language Learning Center

The mission of the New York Language Learning Center (NYLLC) is to provide high quality English Programs to international students and show them the excitement and opportunities of a US education.

NYLLC is a division of ASA College, a well noted institution with over 30 years of serving the international community. Our experience has shown the best way to learn English is to do it in an English-speaking country and what better place than New York City? That is why we offer unparalleled English instruction by outstanding teachers who have successfully helped thousands of students learn the language.

Our NYLLC method focuses on speaking, listening, writing and reading English in real-life situations. Starting from your first class, you'll be speaking, reading and communicating in English. Classes are dynamic and fun, so you'll have many opportunities to immediately practice what you're learning.

Why Choose NYLLC?

  • Variety of English educational programs
  • Assistance with F-1 visa application
  • Seamless and simple transition to our state-of-the-art degree or certificate programs
  • Flexible class schedule
  • Outstanding faculty with advanced degrees and extensive teaching experience
  • NYLLC students can take advantage of ASA College Student Services:
    • Writing Center
    • Learning Center
    • ESL Computer Lab
    • Free One-on-One Tutorials
    • Athletics

Whether you currently live in the area or will move to New York from abroad, you'll see that our proven teaching methodology and affordable programs make NYLLC an invigorating place to learn English. We invite you to join our NYLLC community of international students from over 100 countries! Get started TODAY by taking our FREE English Test!

Discover everything New York City has to offer with the New York Language Learning Center!