Our Teachers

Josh MacPherson, ESL Instructor Josh MacPherson has been teaching English for over five years. This is his first time teaching ESL in the States. He began his career as a high school history teacher but decided to be an ESL instructor after teaching English in both Japan and Korea. Josh strives to create a comfortable classroom environment where students are partners in the learning process. In his free time, Josh enjoys hiking, reading all kinds of books, philosophy, movies and learning about different cultures.

Ernest Barteldes, ESL Instructor Ernest Barteldes was born in Muskegon, Michigan (also the birthplace of rock icon Iggy Pop). After over a decade living and working in Brazil, Ernest relocated to New York in 2000, joining New York Language Learning Center in April 2009. He is also a published journalist who contributes to various publications around the United States and a part-time musician. He lives in Staten Island, NY.

Peter Schmitz, ESL Instructor Peter Schmitz has taught ESL/English in New York for several years and has also taught in South Korea. He feels that the best way for students to make progress is to practice practical English both inside and outside the classroom. He aims to inspire his students to be as excited about language learning as he is.